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This collaboration capitalizes on the knowledge of the Marketing-Finance Exchange Center of Excellence and the cutting-edge industry know-how of LinkedIn’s B2B Institute. The partnership is designed to challenge conventional wisdom and bring revolutionizing approaches to how the industry evaluates the business impact of marketing and advertising.

Together, we will work together to identify new ways businesses can enhance their performance with actionable insights and strategic tools.

The collaboration will:

  • Examine pricing perception/perceived value relative to price in various B2B sectors to give business leaders the right tools to investigate what drives true pricing power
  • Utilize marketing excellence rating capabilities of the MFX COE to provide firms with the ability to score their own marketing competence
  • Feature insightful interviews with leading Marketing-Finance Researchers to continuously bridge the gap between the corporate and academic world

As we embark on this journey, we look forward to sharing our findings and contributions with both the academic and corporate world.

Stay tuned!


André Tomano

André Tomano

PhD candidate in Marketing-Finance (Maastricht University), CIIA, CEFA

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