The talk delivered a compelling message, underscoring the critical imperative for businesses to build sustainable pricing power in today's dynamic marketplace.

Moreover, in an era marked by rapid technological advancements, the lecture also highlighted the growing importance of intangible assets, such as intellectual property and brand equity, which now play a pivotal role in determining a company's value and therefore long-term business success.

Finally, the talk introduced 'Alpha M,' an innovative marketing excellence rating system, intended to provide internal (CEOs, CFOs, CMOs) and external (investors & analysts) stakeholder with a powerful tool to rate and benchmark a firm's marketing capability.

The inspiring presentation was followed by networking drinks with Marketing-Finance alumni and research experts of the MFX COE.

A great way to start the new academic year!

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André Tomano

André Tomano

PhD candidate in Marketing-Finance (Maastricht University), CIIA, CEFA

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