Looking back at a fantastic 4th Marketing-Finance Symposium at Maastricht University School of Business and Economics on October 7.

We enjoyed a day of inspiring presentations and discussions on how marketing investments relate to firm’s financial bottom line as well as defining, measuring, and achieving marketing excellence. One more step towards closing the managerial marketing finance gap!

We thank our conferences contributors Marielle Heijltjes , Arvid Hoffmann , Verena Neubauer , Abhishek Borah , Sebastian Hohenberg , Dennis Bams , Chris Burggraeve , Istvan Lagaert , Dominique Hanssens and our organizing team, Francien Schijlen , Frederique Bouwman , André Tomano , Bram van der Kroft as well as our sponsors, Maastricht University School of Business and Economics , Open Universiteit , Wageningen University & Research .

Thomas Post and Joost Pennings

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Thomas Post

Thomas Post

Behavioral Scientist - Associate Professor of Finance (Open University & Maastricht University) - Program Leader MSc IB Marketing-Finance

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